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This workshop will demonstrate the changing nature of open source location intelligence and geospatial analysis. We will cover how to create insightful maps, conduct geospatial analysis and visualize data to tell a story, inform decision making, and to help us better understand the cities we live in. The workshop will use the CARTO Builder, the newest iteration of (formerly) CartoDB Editor.

To participate in the workshop please sign up for a free CARTO account at www.carto.com/login

Tyler Bird, Community Development Strategist and Grants Manager at CARTO.

Tyler has an MA in International Affairs with a concentration on cities and social justice. Much of his work now is focused on providing mapping technology to non profits working in the environmental, social, political and economic realms in the urban and rural context.


Where to find us

The exhibition will take place at the National Assembly, 300 meters from Parque del Arbolito and the main conference venue, La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamin Carrion.”

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Image Credits:
Header image is a modified and cropped version of Old town of Quito by Simon Matzinger under CC - Some rights reserved.
Header image is a modified and cropped version of And when I go there, I go there with you... by Scipio under CC NC - Some rights reserved. Areal Photography via USGS's Landsat program, through the earth explorer interface.