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Main conference venue

This event will take place in Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, Benjamín Carrión, the main conference venue.

Why do cities need visualisation? A good visualisation is a representation of data that helps you to see what you wouldn't otherwise see. It reveals trends, patterns and generates insight into complex systems and their associated challenges. In an urban planet, visualisation has become the go-to tool for everyone from urban planners to policymakers to companies and citizens seeking to make sense of the complex urban fabrics that form our cities. It helps us to understand the urban realm and underlying relationships and connections, and ultimately to provide a strong basis for creating sustainable urban futures.

We organised an open visualisation call to see what people all over the world were seeking to understand and visualise in their own cities. The resulting set of projects was judged by an expert panel representing the world's leading visualisation experts, and we will be announcing the winners. As an ensemble, these projects provide a unique snap shot of the kinds of tough challenges and phenomena that people are exploring in their cities, almost like an interactive outgrowth of the core themes and principles of the New Urban Agenda.

These projects are just the beginning of a new platform that we will be running out of the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences to document the ongoing research and production of urban visualization projects from around the globe.

For journalists interested to learn more about visualisation, there are 4 more events that will take place at the Habitat X Change space in the Exhibition Hall B.27.

Visualizing Cities - Monday Oct. 17th - 10am
Open Data & Citizen Engagement - Tuesday Oct. 18th - 4pm
Mapping Workshop by Carto - Wednesday Oct. 19th - 10am
Data, Visualization & the City - Wednesday Oct. 19th - 1pm
For further information contact Sebastian Meier at meier@fh-potsdam.de


Where to find us

The exhibition will take place at the National Assembly, 300 meters from Parque del Arbolito and the main conference venue, La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamin Carrion.”

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Header image is a modified and cropped version of Old town of Quito by Simon Matzinger under CC - Some rights reserved.
Header image is a modified and cropped version of And when I go there, I go there with you... by Scipio under CC NC - Some rights reserved. Areal Photography via USGS's Landsat program, through the earth explorer interface.