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Cities & Science

At its April 2016 plenary meeting, the UN’s scientific advisory mechanism on climate change, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, decided that cities would become a cross-cutting theme in its next reports. This announcement has brought to the fore the huge importance of cities in addressing the biggest global challenges – climate change and sustainable development.

At this landmark moment, city decision makers and the urban research community need to ensure consistent collaboration to jointly address the urban challenges of the future. This event will take stock of the current state of urban-science collaborations and will discuss potential mechanisms for improving the engagement of these two sectors in the future. It will, among others, address the following questions:

  • Why does the world need a dialogue between the cities and science communities?
  • How do we make science useful for local decision-makers?
  • What should such a dialogue look like, and how can it be convened?
  • How to make IPCC and similar science assessments more relevant for city decision makers?

In partnership with C40


Seth Schultz, C40 Research Director

Janet Sanz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Barcelona

Francisco Cruz, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Bogota, is an expert in environmental issues, formerly General Secretary of the Pacific Environmental Research Institute at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Xuemai Bai, Professor of Urban Environment & Human Ecology, ANU College of s an Medicine, Biology & Environment, Future Earth Scientific Committee

Timon McPherson, Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology at The New School's Environmental Studies program, Director of the Urban Ecology Lab and research faculty at Tishman Environment and Design Center where he works directly with designers, planners and managers to foster sustainable and resilient cities.  He investigates the ecology in, of and for cities and teaches urban resilience, systems thinking and urban ecology.

MODERATOR: Denise Young, Head of Communications, International Council for Science


Where to find us

The exhibition will take place at the National Assembly, 300 meters from Parque del Arbolito and the main conference venue, La Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamin Carrion.”

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Image Credits:
Header image is a modified and cropped version of Old town of Quito by Simon Matzinger under CC - Some rights reserved.
Header image is a modified and cropped version of And when I go there, I go there with you... by Scipio under CC NC - Some rights reserved. Areal Photography via USGS's Landsat program, through the earth explorer interface.